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Western Azuero Ecotours

Tanager Ecotours offers tours for small groups to Coiba National Park, Cerro Hoya National Park and other destinations on the western Azuero. Our trips will bring you to the best reefs of Coiba and to the remote Cerro Hoya wilderness. Our trips range from a 3-day to 2-night hike to the top of Cerro Hoya to a half day relaxed snorkelling trip near Cebaco Island. Our guides are biologists and have great knowledge of the ecosystems, plants and animals that occur in the area and they are eager to share their knowledge with you. Each of our guides speaks at least three languages and they are all very experienced. Together they have led over 100 trips to Coiba and more than 50 to Cerro Hoya.

We have also guided and supported geologists, fish biologists, botanists, ornithologists, herpetologists and biology students during their scientific work in Cerro Hoya and/or Coiba.

If you cannot find what you want among the trips on offer, contact us and we will tailor a trip to your specific wishes. One of our guides is a keen birdwatcher and he can help you enjoy the birds of the area, or help you find that one endemic species you want to see.